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Leader hosts former White House security advisor

William (Bill) DeGenaro spoke on innovation and how to protect shareholder value

COLUMBUS (October 26, 2005) - Leader Technologies, Inc., a provider of voice, video and data communications applications hosted William (Bill) DeGenaro, a former security advisor to the White House during the Reagan and Bush (Sr.) administrations. DeGenaro focused his training on innovation and how to protect its value.

After his service at the White House, DeGenaro was Director of Strategy & Innovation for 3M Company. He now runs his own firm and consults in the areas of business intelligence and strategy. His clients include companies as diverse as start ups to Fortune 10.

"Early in Leader's research and development, Bill consulted with us on intellectual property protection. His suggestions and recommendations have been golden. His sage advice ranged from how to spark innovation to how to recognize an intellectual property predator, that is, someone trying to steal your ideas," said Leader Chairman Mike McKibben. "The software business is especially vulnerable to intellectual property theft since we're all about invisible bits and bytes. Bill's 'real world' experience with who steals and why they steal is eye opening. We're not talking kiddie games here. Bill indicated that some 60 countries now have formal programs that scour the US to steal business plans and feed those plans to their in-country entrepreneurs. That seems wrong to us Midwesterners, but as Bill points out, its about economic survival for them. While I can understand that theoretically, I have no interest in having Leader's hard-earned intellectual property whisked off to some foreign country or stolen by competitors."

At 3M DeGenaro oversaw development of programs to help 3M keep its market leadership. "A key finding for us at 3M was that innovation and organizational learning never occur outside a stressed environment," said DeGenaro. "We discovered that the #1 driver for organizational learning and innovation is a work environment with a medium amount of stress, not too much, not too little. No stress is de-motivating. Too much stress is debilitating. The learning curve is a bell curve where some stress motivates people to innovate, do better, be more productive. To the extent that a company can tune the stress level optimally, results improve."

When a company has ideas to protect it should take appropriate measures to protect them. "Bill walked us through various scenarios, legal and not, used by intellectual property predators," said Jim Sobwick, Leader's new Chief Operating Officer, co-founder of LCI International and former CEO of ConQuest. "There was nothing hypothetical about Bill's presentation. He has been there, done that. He pointed out that the new corporate threat is the threat to the corporate knowledge base. He gave us a wealth of practical advice on ways to protect it. This is doubly important for Leader as 'The Intellectual Capital Company' since our products and services work to preserve, secure and extend that knowledge by using our communications platform."

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