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LeaderPhone chosen by State of Kansas
to be exclusive conference calling provider

Contract to save Kansas taxpayers more than 50 percent
in phone charges over previous carrier

COLUMBUS, OH (Nov. 29, 2004) - The State of Kansas has signed a contract with LeaderPhone® to provide audio conference calling services to all state agencies, slashing the cost in half over the previous carrier.

LeaderPhone, part of Leader Technologies suite of business communications services, was selected by the Kansas Department of Administration after comparing costs per minute, including calls that require operator assistance. A recent Kansas study of just three months of conference call charges showed LeaderPhone offered savings of 55 percent over their current carrier.

Kansas is the latest state to sign up with LeaderPhone, which costs just 9.5 cents per minute, per leg, and offers such features as "Meet Me" service, PDA access, automatic dial, and web conferencing. Other states that have signed on include Vermont, Wyoming and Washington and Leader is in talks with many other states, said Jeremy Float, LeaderPhone's corporate account manager.

This new contract reflects the efforts Leader has been making to show governments and businesses the dramatic savings that can be achieved by switching to LeaderPhone, reported Charles Sirro, senior vice president of Leader. "In the last six months, we've landed a number of states via competitive bid. We won our contracts because of our convenience and pricing. We offer a full complement of services and ease of use at an aggressively competitive price."

About LeaderPhone®

LeaderPhone® Teleconferencing Service is a service of Leader Technologies, a Columbus, Ohio communications software company. LeaderPhone enables work teams from both large and small businesses to set up conference calls themselves at much less cost using its patent-pending web-based conference-calling platform. The service overcomes the limitations of legacy conferencing systems while combining many of the features desired by businesses that rely on conference calling. For more information about LeaderPhone®, visit

Leader Technologies has developed an enterprise-class communications platform called Leader2Leader® that connects voice, video and data across existing application systems to enhance collaboration and decision making. Companion applications include Leader Alert® for alert dissemination and notification and Leader WebDemo™ for web and video conferencing.

The powerful collaboration software will dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs by giving businesses more control over their communications, leadership, strategy, knowledge management and intellectual capital. To learn more, visit

For more information, contact John Frees at 614-939-1674 or Charles Sirro at 614-890-1986.

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