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Leader Technologies a vital participant in ‘Terrorex 04 Threat Simulation Exercise’ hosted by the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense

LeaderPhone, Leader2Leader products proved very effective in coordinating
emergency communications traffic among many agencies at once

LAS VEGAS (Jan. 15, 2004) -- Leader Technologies, Inc., a business communications software developer, provided key software and services to the “Terrorex 04 Threat Simulation Exercise” Jan. 7-11. The conference -- believed to be the largest-ever interagency anti-terrorism drill -- was sponsored by the Government Emerging Technology Alliance (1), a partner to the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security and Defense and the Boeing Industrial Consortium for Homeland Security (2).

The conference attracted 750 high-level executives and security experts from commerce, industry, education and government, including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, SAIC, Northrup Grumman, EDS, Cisco, Oracle, MCI, AT&T, Unisys, universities, Departments of Defense, Interior and Energy, FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, U.S. military and National Guards, state and local police, emergency and fire agencies.

The software, including LeaderPhone® and Leader2Leader®, provided audio communications and allowed agencies involved to collaborate online to react and respond to terrorist threat simulations, said Leader Chairman Mike McKibben. Some of the “crises” the conference attendees dealt with included attacks on Washington D.C., the Alaska pipeline, a nuclear power plant and other targets.

“During the exercise, it was clear that people can get overwhelmed when faced with the chaos following a terrorist attack. Our normal communication systems get overloaded in such crises,” McKibben noted. “Lack of timely, accurate information adds to the confusion and causes misinformation to fly. This confusion can result in delays and more lives lost. LeaderPhone®’s software was used for “on the fly” teleconferencing and as a “Reverse 911” alert dissemination system. Driven from a central command, it was an effective way to keep people more focused and on track.” LeaderPhone® allowed central command to send key information via phone broadcasts to response groups, keeping everyone informed about what was going on across multiple agencies.

Leader2Leader®, an online collaboration space, allowed everyone to stay on top of the “big picture” during the simulation, he added. Documents, voicemail, notes and faxes could be examined, shared and stored by the agencies involved. “The fact that it is web-based meant everyone could get the information they needed from wherever they were,” McKibben said.

“Leader came in with very pertinent technology,” said Carl Solomon, who heads Boeing’s Industrial Consortium for Homeland Security. “When we said, ‘Let the simulation begin,’ it was awesome to see all of the cell phones go off at the same time. Great demonstration of the technology.”

Shawn Smith, CEO of Emergency Visions, a software and consulting services company, said that a number of participants “were literally clamoring to get access to Leader2Leader®.” “It worked like a charm”, he noted. Leader’s suite of products serve as the foundation for the AlertVision™ component of the Homeland Security solution offered by Emergency Visions.

Leader’s positive showing at the simulation has raised interest among agencies that must prepare themselves for terrorist threats, said Russell Keat, a principal of the Boeing Homeland Security Consortium. Keat, a White House advisor, is perhaps best known as the man who rescued the U.S. flag from the ruins of the World Trade Center on 9/11, wrote the simulations for the conference. “After 9/11, we went looking for companies that had command and operating vision in this sector,” he said. “We wanted products and teams that would help us achieve our goals. We liked it that Leader could so easily be combined with other products. There’s a ton of possibilities for Leader Technologies.”

Leader’s products fit in with an advanced instant messaging product provided by Groove Networks, and system architecture developed by Sol Logic, Keat noted. “In the future, we’d like to have the combined technologies of Leader, Emergency Visions, Groove and Sol Logic provide the linkage to put out the traffic necessary to run these important simulations.”

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Applied to the mission of Homeland Security, Leader’s products and services provide (1) Event Prediction, (2) Alert Dissemination, (3) Event Collaboration and (4) Video Collaboration.

For more information, contact John Frees at 614-939-1674 or Mike McKibben at 614-890-1986.

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