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State of Wyoming chooses LeaderPhone conference calling service

The service is being used by many state agencies,
resulting in significant savings

COLUMBUS, OH (May 10, 2004) – The State of Wyoming has entered into contract with LeaderPhone® to provide conference calling services to its state agencies. LeaderPhone’s cost of less than 10 cents per minute was determined to be far less than what the state had been paying for previous conferencing services.

LeaderPhone, part of Leader Technologies’ suite of business communications services, is being used by 38 Wyoming state agencies to date and is expanding as training continues, reported Sean McLellan, West Coast account executive for Leader.

Wyoming is the latest state to sign up with LeaderPhone, which costs just 9.5 cents per minute, per leg, and offers such features as “Meet Me” service, PDA access, automatic dial, and web conferencing. Other states that have signed on include Vermont and Washington, and Leader is in talks with Louisiana, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, Missouri, West Virginia, Maine, Rhode Island and others, said Jeremy Float, LeaderPhone’s account executive for the Eastern region.

Jonathan Downing, Policy Analyst for the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services says, “Our employees and business partners have been very pleased with Leader’s services. They have resulted in a significant cost savings for our programs. At a time when we are faced with limited resources, Leader’s advanced and on-demand technologies have assisted us with maintaining a competitive edge in the provision of teleconferencing services to a state covering 97,813 square miles.”

Mike McKibben, Chairman of Leader, said other states have expressed their interest in signing on, once they learn just how much LeaderPhone can cut costs. “Our communications software is unique – no other company can match our price and services. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – once businesses, governments and organizations learn that LeaderPhone is just one part of our total communications platform, called Leader2Leader®, they’ll wonder how they ever got along without it.”

In addition to LeaderPhone, supporting modules for Leader2Leader® are Leader Web Demo™, a web collaboration tool; and two new products, Leader Alert™, designed to send voice and data alert messages to thousands or even millions of users at once; and Leader Smart Camera™, a video monitoring system that captures, stores and displays video images around the world.

About LeaderPhone®

LeaderPhone® Teleconferencing Service is a service of Leader Technologies, a Columbus, OH communications software company. LeaderPhone® enables work teams from both large and small businesses to set up conference calls themselves at much less cost using its patent-pending web-based conference-calling platform. The service overcomes the limitations of legacy conferencing systems while combining many of the features desired by businesses that rely on conference calling. For more information about LeaderPhone®, visit

Leader Technologies has developed an overall enterprise-class communications platform called Leader2Leader®. The powerful collaboration software will dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs by giving businesses more control over their communications, leadership, strategy, knowledge management and intellectual capital. To learn more, visit

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