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  • How To Choose an iPhone Audio Conferencing App

    Columbus, Ohio (May 15, 2011) —Audio conferencing is one of those vital business services where looks can be deceiving. Most services use out-dated equipment with features that haven’t improved in more than a decade or more.

    More than a dozen services now offer iPhone apps, but most are little more than a web page tied to an ancient piece of equipment. The lure is often some form of “free conferencing.” Many simply arbitrage local access numbers—essentially using participants’ iPhones as roaming devices to find local numbers to avoid toll-free charges. While interesting, this approach has many moving parts and places the burden of connecting audio conferences on the users themselves. The hidden costs of these “free” minutes are incalculable..

    More (PDF)

  • Leader Files For Post-Trial Judgments in Leader v. Facebook

    Columbus, Ohio (Aug. 25, 2010) —Leader today filed a ÒJudgment as a Matter of LawÓ post-trial motion in its patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook -- Leader v. Facebook.

    More (PDF)

  • Jury Provides Split Verdict in Leader® vs. Facebook Patent Infringement Trial

    Columbus, Ohio (Jul. 29, 2010) —Today Leader Technologies Incorporated announced the results of the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement trial, in which an eight-member jury in Wilmington, Delaware, returned a split verdict on Wednesday, July 28th.

    The jury concluded that Facebook literally infringes all of the asserted claims of Leader's patent, and that the published prior art cited by Facebook did not anticipate or make obvious Leader's invention. Facebook had alleged numerous technologies that predated Leader's invention, but these were rejected by the decision.

    More (PDF)

  • New Leader Phone® Site Launched

    Columbus, Ohio (Dec. 8, 2009) —Leader Chairman Michael T. McKibben today announced the release of a new and improved Leader Phone® Audio Conferencing site at

    “Traditional audio conferencing is expensive, old technology with few features,” McKibben said. “Leader Phone’s innovations offer easy-to-use features that improve a company’s productivity instead of dragging it down.” Leader Phone fixes the productivity problem with an array of flexible user-managed services like Star*1 direct dialing and Quick Call blast dialing. These features enable you to get people on the phone immediately, without having to drudge through the current cumbersome method of going offline, calling someone, giving them the dial in number and PIN, then both of you re-entering a live call. Another special feature is the powerful web console that creates new PINs, manages calls with special privacy needs, and allows the user to manage his own account.

    More (PDF)

  • Leader® partners with the Ohio Consumers' Counsel to provide Web 2.0 voice mail services to qualifying Ohioans in the 419 Area Code

    Columbus, Ohio (Jul. 21, 2009) — Access to sponsored voice mail service that is free to qualifying Ohioans is now available in the 419 area code of Northwest Ohio who do not have a telephone because they are without a permanent residence or cannot afford one.

    This new service is being made available through the combined efforts of the Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel (OCC), the state residential utility consumer advocate, Leader Technologies Incorporated and the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks.> More

    Also see Customer Testimonial
  • Leader Responds to Ohio Department of Development

    Columbus, Ohio (Feb. 10, 2009) — After no less than three settlement agreements reached, then broken by Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) petty bureacrats, Leader finally loses patience with ODOD strong-arm tactics and goes public with its complaints in a blog newly published and accessbile here.
  • Headline in The Daily Globe - 'Leader Alert System works as expected'

    Hurley, Wisconsin (January 8, 2009) —The Leader Alert System launched at the Hurley K-12 School this year served its purpose Tuesday night. School officials found the alert system useful when school administrator Chris Patritto notified parents by telephone that a verbal threat made by a student about other students had been investigated by Hurley police, who found no immediate danger. The matter is still under investigation, according to Sgt. Chris Colassaco of the Hurley Police Department. According to a 5:14 p.m. Tuesday Iron County Sheriff's Department report, the HPD requested assistance at the school. The initial HPD report indicated a student had received a text message about a girl who said she planned to "take a gun to school and put everyone out of their misery," Colassaco said. Leader sues Facebook for patent infringement

  • Leader Sues Facebook for Patent Infringement

    Columbus, Ohio (November 19, 2008) — Leader Technologies Incorporated of Columbus, Ohio, announced today that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the social networking company, Facebook, Inc. of Palo Alto, California. To read the full press release, click here> More
  • Mansfield, Ohio City Schools implement Leader Alert®

    Columbus, Ohio (June 25, 2008) — The Mansfield, Ohio City Schools announced today it has implemented Leader Alert® system-wide. According to Supt. Lloyd Martin, "Mansfield City Schools is excited to have the new Leader Alert system in place. The system will be a wonderful tool that will allow us to communicate quickly with our parents, faculty and staff."

    Martin also noted that the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) endorsed Leader Alert after extensive testing, calling it “...superior to other alerting systems and cost effective for schools.” To read the full press release, click here> More

  • Columbus Regional Airport Authority enhances security with Leader Alert®

    Columbus, Ohio (June 6, 2008) — The Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) announced today it will use Westerville-based Leader Technologies’ innovative Leader Alert® system to enhance airport security and make possible the simultaneous alerting of all key personnel in case of an emergency.
    According to Public Safety Director Richard Morgan, the Airport Authority saw Leader Alert’s unique Web 2.0 alerting capabilities as a key component in meeting the security needs for Port Columbus, Rickenbacker and Bolton Field airports. CRAA conducted months of testing in various conditions and security scenarios before making its decision.To read the full press release, click here> More

  • Bomb threats in schools costly

    Columbus, Ohio (June 1, 2008) — In a lead Sunday Edition article entitled "Bomb threats in schools costly", The Columbus Dispatch details direct and indirect costs associated with school bomb threats. Leader Alert® has been used to lessen these costs by preventing school cancellations when school officials are able to identify and alleviate the threat timely, then alert parents that the threat has passed. To read the full Dispatch article, click here> More

  • Leader® awarded patent for Digital Leaderboard™

    On November 21, 2008, The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded Leader® Patent No. 7,139,761 for its Digital Leaderboard™ - Web 2.0 technology that promises to revolutionize cross platform (voice, streaming media, and data) communications. To view the patent, click here> More

  • Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) endorses Leader Alert®

    On April 28, 2008, the OSBA announced its selection of Leader Alert® as its endorsement choice after many months of evaluating vendors to recommend to its 700 member Ohio school districts. To read more on the OSBA endorsement, click here> More

  • CFOs offset higher travel costs with audio conferencing

    With escalating fuel costs, CFOs across the country are scrambling for ways to offset these costs with savings so that their bottom lines are not negatively affected by the dramatic increases in fuel costs. Audio and web conferencing can more than provide these offsets. More than that, these savings can actually add to profit.

    Here is a comparison of costs for just 6 employees that drive 60 minutes each to attend a meeting lasting 60 minutes.

    Meeting cost comparison

    Traveling by car

    Leader Phone®

    Leader Phone® cost @ 9.5 cents / minute / participant



    Car mileage @ $.585 per mile
    @ 60 mi / participant (IRS allowance as of July 1, 2008)



    Personnel hourly cost @ $50/hr

    $900 – 18 hrs

    $300 - 6 hrs

    Personnel benefits cost @ 40%

    $360 – 18 hrs

    $120 – 6 hrs.

    Total direct costs



    Savings using Leader Phone®

    $1017  (69%)

    For more information on Leader Phone®, click here> More

  • DIRECT DIAL - RECORD - GROUP DIAL innovate audio conferencing

    Certain Leader Phone® Web 2.0 features are proving to be especially useful to customers, including the direct dial, record and group dial features. Direct Dial lets you add participants to a conference call directly by simply pressing *1, without having to get off line. Record lets you start start recording any conferencing call simply by pressing *4. At the end of the call you receive an email with a link to a secure web site for downloading an MP3 file of the call. Group Dial allows you to “blast dial” a call group with one click of a button on the Leader Phone® Web 2.0 control console. For more information on Leader Phone, click here> More

  • Outgoing Louisiana Chief of Staff thanks Leader

    With the recent gubernatorial elections in Louisiana, Governor Kathleen Blanco’s term in office ended. Her Chief of Staff during the Hurricane Katrina disaster response, Andy Kopplin, also stepped down from his subsequent role as Director of the Louisiana Recovery Authority. Mr. Kopplin had been the Governor’s go-to person for managing the state’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Leader gained a great respect for his leadership and demeanor in managing the crisis. Leader assisted Mr. Kopplin in most of his collaboration with local, state and federal officials for months following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, especially prior to the state’s telephone networks coming back online. For more information, click here> More

  • William Shatner's HEARTBEAT OF AMERICA TV endorses Leader

    Since 911, William Shatner, one of the 20 most recognized personalities in the United States, has been using his notoriety to promote promising American small businesses in collaboration with Hollywood producer Bert Tenzer. Leader Chairman, Mike McKibben, and Chief Operating Officer, Jim Sobwick, were invited to California recently to be featured on Mr. Shatner’s series, Heartbeat of America, which will air starting July 7, 2008 on the subscriber cable AmericanLife network. For more information on the Heartbeat interview, click here> More

  • Leader's Web 2.0 platform integrates communications

    Web 2.0 is a term that emerged around 2004 to help describe innovations that not only survived the dotcom crash of 2000-2001, but would also help revolutionize the future of communications and networking. Leader Technologies® invented and patented its Digital Leaderboard™ communications framework to make it easier to provision an array of communications services, without forcing the user to continually learn new ways of doing things with each service. Leader’s framework integrates voice, streaming media and data services into a common framework. For more information on the communications services currently offered, go to the Leader® product and services page, or click here> More

See Leader Phone® savings compared to an average traveling meeting (above).

  • University of Kansas Medical Center implements Leader Alert®

    Leader Alert® has recently been implemented by the University of Kansas Medical Center to enhance communications between hospital official and the university’s law enforcement personnel. For more information on the services offered by Leader Alert®, click here> More

  • Motorist Insurance & Progressive Medical use Leader Phone®

    Leader Phone®’s Web 2.0 features and services are a big reason why the Motorist Mutual Insurance Company and Progressive Medical Insurance have chosen Leader Phone®. Their users point to the web call control features, enhanced call security and privacy options (each leg has a unique PIN and dissolved at the end of the call call), the record feature, the online account management functions, not to mention the costs savings and real time billing information, as reasons for selecting Leader Phone®. For more information on Leader Phone®, click here> More

See Leader Phone® savings compared to an average traveling meeting (above).

  • Leader Dialog® offers new community, education, and homeland security options

    Leader Dialog® allows any user to set up a conference call with Leader Dialog® PINs and have each person call in and pay only their individual long distance charges. No separate invoice is sent by Leader® to use this service. Leader Dialog® is ideal in situations where a group of people needs to have a conference call, but there is no central budget. Such situations include community discussions, remote educational forums, and homeland security events. For more information on Leader Dialog®, click here> More

  • Leader Meeting™ enables online presentations; integrated with Leader Phone®

    Sometimes the host of a conference call needs to present slides or show a document to participants. In the past the only option was to fax the documents to each participant in advance. Leader Meeting™ enables the host to provide a secure link to each participant and let them see the document online, while the meeting is occurring. Leader Meeting™ includes markers and pointers to allow the host to point to the item being discussed, just as if he or she were standing at an easel and presenting that item in a conference room. For more information on Leader Meeting™, click here> More


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