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Company FAQ's

What is Leader Alert™? What differentiates it from other alert dissemination products?

Leader Alert™ is a scaleable, two-way, rapid-deployment alert platform. It is designed to fill a critical gap in the Department of Homeland Security's plan for responding to terrorist threats by notifying key personnel in federal, state and local agencies the moment a threat is detected. It enables users to send pre-recorded or "on-the-fly" alerts to a few people or a few million people. In a single system it can handle both voice and data broadcasts. It has two-way capabilities. It can enable recipients to begin a conference call or web conference immediately to get more information about the alert. It differentiates itself in the marketplace by its scalability and its capacity for two-way collaboration.

What is LeaderPhone®? What differentiates it from other teleconferencing products?

LeaderPhone® is a web-initiated and web-managed conference calling system. It allows you to manage your individual account online, add new users under your account, and track call history as well as use numerous power features that let you drive your conference calls from the web or from your own phone. It allows you to provision calling PINs yourself. At 9.5 cents per minute per participants, customers find the service less expensive and more feature rich than comparable services by AT&T, MCI, and Sprint.

What is Leader2Leader®? What differentiates it from other collaboration technologies?

Leader2Leader® is a web-based collaboration platform that lets you manage multiple projects, people and communications tools from any browser or handheld device on the planet with Internet access. No special software is needed. The tools include email, voice mail, fax, files, chat, instant messaging, contacts, calendar, tasks, meeting, web conferencing, video conferencing, vote, and news.

Unlike most collaboration technologies that implement an aging files-in-folders storage approach, Leader2Leader® and LeaderPhone® use state-of-the-art SQL and Object-oriented data and application models. This approach allows for dramatically enhanced scalability and functionality. See White Paper.

Further, Leader2Leader®'s architecture is helps enterprises more easily integrate three key value propositions: leadership, collaboration and intellectual capital. Leader's researchers determined after years of experience and analysis that a total lack of synthesis among these needs has led to the "data silo" problem that currently plagues technological solutions to broad-based business problems.

How does Leader2Leader®'s file tool compare to Microsoft SharePoint?

Both products allow users to share files to common folders. However, Leader File™ can be configured and used by a globally-dispersed work team in minutes whereas SharePoint requires as much as 6-10 months just to get setup and configured.

What is convergence and how does Leader's technology do it better?

Convergence is the merging of voice and data technologies into single platforms. That is, the merging of telephone and computer. Typically these technologies have existed in separate "silo" applications that have great difficulty inter-communicating. Linkages are expensive at best and prone to frequent failures. The Leader2Leader platform uses a common application to drive both voice and data applications. This makes the "talk" between the various system seamless. These various systems include unified messaging (email, voice mail, fax), file sharing, document management, web conferencing, video conferencing, vote, chat, contacts, calendar, task, instant messaging, and news.

What is Leader Security™? How is it unique?

Leader Security™ uses the Leader2Leader® collaboration backbone to allow security professionals and their systems to communicate in a common, secure way using only Internet technology. No special equipment or software is needed to set up a virtual security command center anywhere on the planet you can plug in a computer into the web. Traditional security systems are highly proprietary and normal site bound. Leader Security™, by contrast, lets you quickly and easily set up security workspaces, input signals from devices like security cameras and communicate that information to the stakeholders for a given security situation. In the aftermath of 911, Leader Security™ is communications platform that every Homeland Security agency needs to seriously consider. Its cheaper and more full-featured than anything that has preceded it.

Is there an opportunity to invest in Leader?

Yes, the company does consider private placement investments from accredited investors.

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