Oil Industry Executive Joins Leader Board
Riad Yammine, a former Director of Marathon Oil Company, brings
substantial business experience to the company

COLUMBUS (January 16, 2009) — Leader Technologies Chairman Mike McKibben announced today that Riad Yammine, a former Director of Marathon Oil Company, was recently elected to the company’s board of directors. “We are honored and excited that Mr. Yammine will be advising Leader as a board member. He will bring a wealth of experience to the company, including his service as a board member of Marathon Oil Company, and numerous executive positions he held within Marathon and its key subsidiaries.”

Mr. Yammine served as President and CEO of Marathon Pipe Line Co. and as a member of its Board; and was then elected to the Board of Marathon Petroleum Co., where he also served as Vice-President of World Wide Supply and Transportation. He was a member of the Board and President of Emro Marketing, which became Speedway SuperAmerica LLC after the merger of the Marathon and Ashland downstream assets into a new company, Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC. Mr. Yammine then became Executive Vice President for Strategic Planning and Business Development for Marathon Ashland Petroleum, a position he held until he retired.

Mr. Yammine, a native of Lebanon who now lives in Findlay, Ohio, has served on both business and charitable boards for a number of years. “Everything I’ve been involved in, I’ve really believed in,” he says. “I’ve always enjoyed putting effort into and positively contributing to results.” Although he is a petroleum engineer by profession, he describes his expertise as “not technology, but running a business.” Mr. Yammine is also a graduate of Harvard’s Advanced Management Program.

“What intrigued me about Leader,” he says, “is that my son who is my technology expert was very impressed with what Leader is doing.” Mr. Yammine believes that Leader’s technology and that of two other companies with whom he is consulting could complement each other. “I can play a unique role where I could use my expertise for all three companies.”

Mr. Yammine worked with Leader Chief Operating Officer Jim Sobwick when Mr. Sobwick provided pre-paid calling card services to Speedway SuperAmerica. Mr. Yammine notes: “The important thing to me is being able to work pleasantly with people that you know and trust. I wouldn’t like working in an environment that continually put you under unnecessary pressure or had a lot of politics to it.” His business philosophy instead is to “work collaboratively to build a bigger pie. You can’t serve society without a bigger pie, so you create more for everyone.” He adds: “This has worked. I’ve helped build a lot of bigger pies over the years.”

When asked for his thoughts about the current economic situation in regards to Leader, Mr. Yammine said that he sees the economy struggling for three or four more years. “But the company that can find a niche that will support fixing the economy will do very well.” He cites Leader Phone and Leader Meeting web conferencing, as well as other facets of the business, as part of this niche. “They are very good systems to communicate without putting people on airplanes and flying them to meetings when you can achieve the same thing using these alternative communication tools.”

He notes that in the last six months he has seen a great rise in remote conferencing and notes: “It is amazing that it is as productive as having the meeting at the same place.”

Mr. Yammine believes that “It is mostly top management’s ability to think outside of the box that makes the difference in a company’s success. And I have a tendency to encourage people to think outside the box.”

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