New Web 2.0 feature... by popular demand!

Dear Leader Phone® customer,

Effective Nov. 4, 2008, Leader Phone® customers will begin receiving a Call Summary email at the end of each audio conference call.

Your Call History online also contains this information, but customers have asked to also get this report via email as well.
Here is an example of the emails you will starting receiving.

In our continuous effort to exceed customer expectations, we have implemented new features!

Call Summary is a
feature which you can turn on or off from your Leader Phone® web console simply by logging in to your account, clicking "Account" and unchecking "Send Call Summary Emails to Me?"

For customers who distribute many PINs from their one account, we can reconfigure your account information so that the email will go to the user of a PIN and then won't all come to you.

To faciliate this change if desired, contact John Needham at or call John at
(614) 890-1986.


... and as always, send us your suggestions for features you would like to have in Leader Phone®.


We strive to exceed your expectations.

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