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Leader Alert® To learn more: Download the Brochure (pdf)  View NBC-TV streaming video:

Key design features:
Equipped for two-way event communications
Handles voice, email, pager, fax, files
Sends pre-recorded or real-time voice and text alerts
Logs recipient confirmations
Web-based control console
Single data repository; responder file repositories
Highly secure (128-bit)
Scalable (1 to millions)
School Incident Alerting (pdf)
Easily integrated via alert-enabling SDK (software development kit)
Rules-based notification capability

Cross-agency collaboration
Leader® Information Rights Platform

Leader Alert® – Alert Dissemination Services – a scaleable, two-way, rapid-deployment alert platform, is designed to fill a critical gap in the Department of Homeland Security's plan for responding to terrorist threats by notifying key personnel in federal, state and local agencies the moment a threat is detected.

Leader Alert® is as simple as 1-2-3. It enables clients to (1) pre-record alerts or to create alerts as needed, (2) select the appropriate group of people to notify, then (3) hit send. It is that simple. Current alert technologies are often too localized to be able to handle the multi-dimensional aspects of our post-911 world. Generally, current systems cannot scale to be able to communicate effectively across many agencies and departments to get timely alert event information out. The old "phone tree" method is no longer sufficient. Leader Alert® enables clients to get correct, accurate alert information to the right people 24x7x365.

Leader Alert® is available in ASP and Premise versions. For further information, contact

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