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  • Leader Phone® Call Summary emails now delivered in real time Nov 6, 2008
    Call Summary information now posted online and delivered via email automatically

    Columbus, Ohio (November 6, 2008) -- On Nov. 4, 2008, Leader Phone® customers began receiving Call Summary emails at the end of each audio conference call. The Web 2.0 Call History online also contains this information, but customers have asked to also get this report via email. The Call Summary provides an immediate record of the telephone number for each person who participated in the audio conference and how long each person was on the call, as well as other account management information. Customers like this feature because it allows them to immediately print out the report and place it in their files with other information and notes about the call. Customers also find this feature useful for referencing phone numbers quickly. The Call Summary emails also include a one-line features section that will contain productivity and cost reduction suggestions.

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  • Leader Phone® Customer Select™ innovations now offer blended rates Sep 21, 2008
    Web 2.0 advancements enable new audio conferencing rating & more features

    Columbus (Sep 21, 2008)– Traditionally, audio conferencing offered few options because the underlying technology was built for telecom billing convenience, not for user productivity and flexibility. Leader Technologies® changed all that when it was awarded a patent for its Digital Leaderboard® Web 2.0 technology in late 2006 (see below).

    Chairman Mike McKibben says, "The Web 2.0 term became popular around 2004 and generally refers to making the Internet more useful and functional, especially in business." He continued, "Historically, audio conferencing technology was locked in a dark room and experienced no innovation."

Jim Sobwick, Leader's Chief Operating Officer, confirms the lack of innovation historically. He is one of the pioneers of the pre-paid calling card industry in the United States. "Web and telecommunications convergence has been more talk than action. Leader bridged this gap with solid engineering and its patent pending inventions merge voice, streaming media and data technologies into a single framework."

These Leader® innovations give audio conferencing users the choice of rates from 4.5 to 9.5 cents depending upon service levels desired.

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  • Leader2Leader® introduces Information Rights Management & Business Continuity Applications for Homeland Security
    Columbus, OH (August 18, 2004) – The 9/11 Commission Report highlighted "information rights management" as one of its recommendations for helping overcome the "data silo" communications problem that plagues cross-agency collaboration. The current communications systems in government and commerce are too specialized by application type to be able to the need to communicate across traditional organizational boundaries. Each stakeholder in an organization must participate in a new kind of "virtual" organization that cross traditional boundaries. This dramatic shift in structure requires an equally dramatic shift in technology to accomodate this new way of working. The Leader2Leader® system was specifically designed to facilitate cross-boundary communications and information sharing in a scalable web environment. It also enables organizations to implement their business continuity programs in a fast, efficient manner.

    Leader2Leader® Homeland Security Information Rights Management Platform
    Leader2Leader® Business Continuity Platform
  • LeaderPhone® introduces customized billing options for large clients
    Columbus, OH (May 10, 2004) – Certain clients have requested billing options that enable them to better segregate their conference calling charges among their users on the monthly Leader Phone® statement. A client can request that the Leader Phone® operator set a special feature in their account that will force the online user to identify a billing code for the call they are setting up online. This feature does not apply to Meet Me calls. Only to Quick Calls and Scheduled Calls.
  • LeaderPhone® introduces conference call recording at no extra charge
    Columbus, OH (March 20, 2004) – As an added service to customers, Leader Phone® has introduced a Record Start/Stop feature. The host of a Leader Phone® must simply press *4 on his or her phone keypad to start and stop and resume recording of any conference call they wish. At the end of the call Leader Phone® will automatically email the host with a special link to the conference call recording. This recording is in the popular MP3 format. The recording will remain available for seven days.
  • Leader Phone® introduces individual call volume controls
    Columbus, OH (March 12, 2004) – Leader Phone® participants can now change their individual conference call volume right from their phone. A participant must simple press *2 to increase volume and *8 to decrease volume. This feature assists participants who may be hard of hearing, may be on a faulty phone, or who may be having individual connection problems.
  • Vermont announces Leader Phone® as exclusive conferencing calling provider
    Columbus, OH (March 10, 2004) – The State of Vermont has signed a contract with Leader Phone® to provide conference calling services to all 60 state agencies, slashing the cost in half over the previous carrier.
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  • Leader played key part in Terrorex 04 Homeland Security simulation
    Las Vegas (January 7-1, 2004) – Terrorex 2004 was a high-level Homeland Security conference among experts from commerce, industry, education, and government at the federal, state and local levels who are preparing the United States and its allies against terrorist attacks. It is believed to be the largest interagency anti-terrorism drill ever conducted. Leader Phone®, Leader2Leader®, Leader Meeting® and Leader Smart Camera™ provided audio and video communications and allowed agencies involved to collaborate online to react and respond to terrorist threat simulations.
    More (PDF)  More (HTML) See also Washington Technology

  • Leader Phone® introduces new Hosted Meet Me reservationless service
    also known as a 2-PIN Meet Me system. Hosted Meet Me allows a host to distribute a permanent Participant PIN. Then, the Host can conduct a conference call anytime. Hosted Meet Me conference calls only start when the Host dials in using his or her Host PIN. Hosted Meet Me is also 9.5¢ per minute per participant including long distance. Go to and try it. The first 30 minutes are free.

  • eWeek Reviews LeaderPhone® Jan 13, 2003
    Leader Phone® press coverage 1-13-03 - "Leader Phone Allows Law Firm To Control, Monitor Calls, Helps Reduce Cost"