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Conference calling has become a way of life for modern businesses. LeaderPhone® provides an elegant solution to this basic business need at a fraction of what you are paying now. Just 9.5 cents per minute.

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- Call up to 55 People (including yourself) immediately or schedule a call for up to 55 People
- Browser controls (No operator needed)
- Nothing to download or install
- Highly secure Address Book, supports imports
from Outlook® & Outlook Express®

- Wireless palm device enabled
- On-line account management
- 24x7x365 availability
- One second billing (we do not round to the next

No usage minimums. No overbooking or cancellation fees
- No setup fees

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Whether you're the CEO of an organization needing to make strategic decisions, a Project Manager facilitating
tasks with resources located from around the country, or an Engineer needing to acquire important information,
Leader2Leader® can provide you with the tools to be able to collaborate effectively with your
clients and team members!

- Voice & data integration
- Quick setup, highly-secure file sharing & document management with version control
- Teleconferencing
- Pure web (HTML) Interface (no downloads or installs)
- 128-bit SSL security (standard)
- Native XML
- Cockpit interface
- SQL or Object Databases
- One data store

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Leader WebDemo™
Extend the power of your meetings by sharing what's showing on your desktop with your participants using their web browsers. Extend that ability by sharing an application, edit a document together, browse to a website, use video cameras to see participants live, poll everyone, and much more. Leader WebDemo™ provides powerful tools to collaborate more effectively with your clients and team members. Just 20 cents per minute.

Product Information:

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- Desktop sharing
- Application sharing
- Co-browsing
- Video conferencing
- Recording
- Polling
- File sharing
- Whiteboarding

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